Six twerking photos of Miley Cyrus that will ruin your Christmas

Los Angeles – It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus was a bad girl this year.

But it seems like Santa is pretty okay with it.

The 21-year-old singer ruined Christmas for little kids worldwide when she rubbed her derriere against Santa’s groin while busting out some raunchy dance moves at the yearly KIIS FM Jingle Ball performance.

Miley took to the stage in a sequined Santa turtleneck bikini, reprising her controversial moves alongside a dancing Christmas tree, a dwarf in a cone-bra silver bodysuit, and backup dancers donning white leotards and reindeer antlers.

Check out Miley’s performance here:

1) Kids look away.

Miley CyrusImage:

2) Santa seems to be enjoying himself. 

Miley CyrusImage:

3) A naughty girl gets a slap on the ass?

Miley CyrusImage:

4) Is it just us or is Santa actually pretty damn hot!

Miley CyrusImage:

5) Rudolph seems to be enjoying that.

Miley CyrusImage:

6) Santa's little helper.

Miley CyrusImage:

Of course we found a video of it all for you to watch:

DISCLAIMER: This just another silly article by Channel24 and has absolutely no global importance.