Rihanna attacked by fan

Rihanna had a glass bottle thrown at her by a "crazed fan" while on a night out in London.

The Stay singer was targeted in an unprovoked attack by a man who hurled a bottle of Lucozade at her while she was leaving exclusive nightclub The Box with her model pal Cara Delevingne on Saturday night (16 February).

A source told Media Take Out that the force of the glass bottle caused the 24-year-old star to fall onto a metal grate and "slice open her leg", leaving her bleeding.

According to the New York Daily News, Rihanna's attacker allegedly shouted something about Rihanna's relationship with her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown - who is still on supervised probation for assaulting her in 2009 - before hurling the bottle at her and running.

Rihanna's bodyguard reportedly gave chase, but was injured in the pursuit and had to receive medical attention.

The source continued: "Rihanna's bodyguard immediately went after the crazed fan but hurt his leg going after the subject. Rih's guard was taken to a London hospital for treatment, and the mad man is still on the loose."

Rihanna, who was in London to launch her fashion line for River Island at London Fashion Week yesterday, was photographed shortly after the incident clutching her injury, but it did not appear to be too serious.

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