'I don't know why they hate me'

Kim Kardashian has "no idea" why people hate her.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been criticised by a host of well-known people, including James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who branded her and her family "idiots", but she can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like her.

She said: "I have no idea why (people hate me). I work really hard. I'm constantly on the go. I have a successful clothing line. A fragrance. I mean, acting and singing aren't the only ways to be talented. It's a skill to get people to really like you, instead of a character written for you by somebody else."

In 2011, the 31-year beauty married basketball player Kris Humphries and the ceremony was shown in a TV special.

Their union lasted just 72 days before she filed for divorce and she admits she would never let cameras film her wedding again.

Kardashian — who is now in a relationship with Kanye West — told The Guardian Weekend magazine: "I'm leaning more towards being a little more private. I would definitely do it differently. Just all the scrutiny that I got. You don't plan to go through all of that willingly. For money. That's just not what a sane person would do. So, would I get married on TV again? No."