'Rosemary's Baby' coming to NBC as miniseries

After inspiring Roman Polanski's classic 1968 horror film, "Rosemary's Baby" will become a four-part miniseries on NBC. The network says the story will take place in present-day Paris rather than in New York.

Just as in the novel and the feature, the miniseries will focus on a young couple living in a new apartment, where they make the acquaintance of their eccentric but seemingly harmless neighbors. Following dinner with her neighbors, Rosemary experiences a demonic vision and soon thereafter learns that she is pregnant. A number of strange incidents lead Rosemary to suspect that her husband and neighbors are conspiring against her somehow.

The miniseries will be shot in January in Paris by Polish director Agnieszka Holland ("Europa, Europa," "The Wire," "Treme"). It remains to be seen who will play Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, the couple played by Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes in Roman Polanski's film.