Say it isn't so...

Looks like Beyonce has stolen President Obama’s thunder. After Monday’s inauguration, people are trying to figure out if Beyonce lip-synched the American national anthem or not. 

But who would say such a hurtful thing about our Queen B, only a hater, right? Right?  Well, the people who claim that the songstress didn’t sing live are the members of the Marine Corps Band. They reportedly say that they were not playing live, they were only pretending and what we apparently heard was a version recorded at a Marine Corps studio in Washington. According to reports, the band and Beyonce only had one real rehearsal.  But after there was an uproar about the allegation, the Marine Corps has since backpedaled and said that even though they didn’t play live, they are in no position to know whether Beyonce sang live or not.


Beyonce is yet to release a statement.


I don’t really buy the lip-synching allegations mostly because I’ve seen Beyonce act and she is not that good of an actress. #justsaying

Whilst we are on the subject of our Queen; she launched her very own blog yesterday and now we can keep up with her not only on her not-so-active Twitter account or her picture driven Tumblr or her “sometimes I’ll post pictures” – Instagram account, but also on her new blog Beyhive (we see what you did there Queen B).  You can never really have too much Beyonce in your life.

Last Rounds...

Shakira is a mommy now. The Columbian singer gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday in Barcelona. Shakira and her sexy Spanish soccer player boyfriend, Gerard Pique (seriously, have you seen how gorgeous this man is?), named the baby Milan. All together now “Awwwwwwww”

It remains to be seen whether Shakira’s hips will continue to not lie....