Chris Brown will never grow up

Sigh. Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. The notorious bad boy got involved in a brawl, in a parking lot out a Westlake Studios in Hollywood on Sunday night, with (and this is the weirdest part) – Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean?!?! This is the same guy who sings sweet soulful melodies (that aren’t auto-tuned) to us, what could he have possibly done to Chris Brown?

No-one really knows why they fought but it was allegedly over a parking space.


Frank had fun tweeting about the incident, first telling us that he got jumped by Chris Brown then tweeting that he cut his finger and he thus can’t play with two hands at the Grammys. But it looks like Frank is taking the matter seriously because he is reportedly spoke to the cops about the incident.

Brown is on probation after he beat up his on-off girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. But the man just can’t seem to control his inner Hulk; last year he got involved in a fight with Drake in a New York club. And now, he apparently fights over parking spaces.

The saga continues...