Retini: Shaken and Stirred
  • Generation Awards Winners

    Another day, another award show but this one is not pretentious because the winners are determined by the youth of South Africa, and no one can be more honest than the youth, right?

    The Sunday Times Generation Next 2013 Awards went down last Thursday at Monte Casino. The award show basically looks at what the youth (and in this case that means eight to 23-year-olds) thinks is cool. The show was hosted by radio personality Poppy Ntshongwana on and it even included a performance by AKA for the screaming and excited South Africa youths that were able to attend.

    Some mentionable winners included the “Coolest Local Female Screen Star” which went to actress and “It Girl” (I know she hates being called that but if the shoe fits...) Minnie Dlamini and comedian Trevor Noah walked away with the “Coolest Local Male Screen Star.” Of course Trevor was not there to accept his award because he is too busy being cool in America.

    The youth also thinks that Micasa is the coolest local music stars and

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  • 3 Divas, 1 Reality Show

    Have you heard the bad news? Former reality starlet Nonhle Thema, former model Babalwa Mneno and alleged reformed gold digger Khanyi Mbau have a new reality show for etv. Le Sigh.

    No matter how much we wish that these ladies would just go away quietly, they seem to have a chokehold on their fifteen minutes of fame. But we’ll probably all tune in to watch the first episode because much like with the Kardashians and a bad car accident, we can’t look away.

    The ladies are currently shooting the show which is called Reality Check and they have been instagraming and tweeting the hell out of the shooting process.

    It is not completely clear what the angle of the show is but reportedly it will show that the three ladies are not just indulgent divas and with a name like Reality Check, it sounds like it might be a lot like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life. Remember that?

    I guess we’ll all have to tune in on the 6th of July to find out.

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  • 2013 Cannes Film Festival Round-up

    Another Cannes Film Festival has come and gone and this year marked the 66th year of the prestigious film festival. South Africa was well represented at the festival this year and here is a little roundup of what went down:

    I revealed to you a last week that this is the official teaser poster for the long awaited film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom starring British actors Idris Elba and Naomi Harris. Producer, Anat Singh has revealed that the film is currently in post production but we can expect the film’s release in December of 2013. Other familiar faces that you can expect to see in the film include Tony Kgoroge, Riaad Moosa, Terry Pheto, Fana Mokoena and Jamie Bartlett, just to name a few. What a power cast.

    If that’s not enough to wet your South African cinema appetite, the controversial Winnie Madikizela-Mandela biopic, starring Terrence Howard and Jennifer Hudson, will also be releasing around the same time as Long Walk to Freedom. I’m very weary of this film because the original

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  • The Wawela Music Awards

    Another day, another music award show; this time around the lovely people at SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) want to acknowledge composers and writers whose music has made an impact internationally. So they created the Wawela Music Awards (‘Wawela’ meaning ‘go beyond’ in isiZulu).

    And guess who is leading the pack with nominations? Our favourite girlfriend, Lira.

    There are only 15 categories for the inaugural Wawela Music Awards and Lira managed to score herself three nods; one for Songwriter of the Year, Best Creative Album of the Year and Best Female Artist & Composer. She has been doing some amazing things this year, including performing at Obama’s inauguration. You go girl! Lira will be going head to head with Nothende in the Best Female Artist & Composer category. But I’m guessing that this is all a shoo-in for Lira.

    Other names that you may recognise amongst the nominees include my ultimate South African acapella group, The Soil who are nominated in the Best SouthRead More »from The Wawela Music Awards
  • Everyone’s talking about #Unathigate

    When I first read the open letter to radio personality Unathi Msengana on Tuesday, I didn’t really think anything of it, in fact I didn’t even read the whole thing. So imagine my surprise when everyone around me kept discussing the letter, and it even got its own hashtag, #Unathigate. Still don’t know what I’m on about? Let me break it down.

    A disgruntled 1st Avenue (Glen and Unathi’s breakfast show on Metro FM) listener decided to write an open letter to Unathi that basically calls Unathi out for being disrespectful and not listening to callers to the show. The writer, Namhla, even goes on to describe incidents where she feels Unathi was unfair and that she hopes “some soul is kind enough to pass it on to her as I’m not sure how I can possibly reach her.” Well, Namhla, looks like your messaged reached her just fine, the post literally went viral and even Metro FM has released a statement on the issue. Does the fact that the article went viral mean that people agree with Namhla? It

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  • Long Walk to Freedom: The movie

    What you are looking at is the official teaser poster for the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom film based on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name. This poster was released at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday. It is the first real image that we have of British actor Idris Elba who is playing our national hero in the film.

    You’ll remember that there was quite an uproar (as there always is) when Idris was cast as Madiba; most South Africans feel that we need to see South African actors in the roles but truth be told, these films only appeal to a wider audience because of the international actors in them (also SA casting director Moonyeenn Lee reportedly once said that our actors are too short to play Madiba). Other international actors that have previously been cast as Madiba include Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, David Harewood, Dennis Haysbert, Terrence Howard, Clarke Peters and Sidney Poitier.

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  • Trevor Noah does it again...

    I’m beginning to think that all the wrong people get reality shows. I mean, we saw Nonhle going to Hollywood (and may we never see it again) but why haven’t we seen a show about Trevor Noah taking the United States by storm? The man is clearly doing something right.

    Early last year we all were very proud and patriotic when Trevor flew the SA flag high on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This year he took on The Late Show with David Letterman and even though I’ve heard most of the jokes before - no, not because he stole them but because they were part of his 'That’s Racist' comedy tour - it’s still a delight to see the comedian perform on an international stage. Plus the man got to speak Xhosa on American TV as radio personality Anele proudly pointed out.

    The house band on the show predictably introduced Trevor with a rendition of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' because, you know, he's from Africa. Ironically his entire set was about how he's treated for being a South African in America.


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  • 2013: The Year of Toya Delazy

    Letoya Buthelezi, better known as Toya Delazy to you and me, seems to be having a pretty great 2013. Just last month the funky singer became a brand ambassador for LEGIT clothing and she also just added SAMA award winning artist to her resumé.

    Now Toya can call herself a BET Nominated Artist. Yes, the Black Entertainment Television network announced their nominees for this year’s BET awards on Tuesday.

    Toya was nominated along with Donald in the Best International Artist category. Toya and Donald are up against Ghana’s R2Bees and Nigeria’s 2Face Idibia and Ice Prince as well as Uganda’s Radio and Weasel. 

    Surprisingly, Drake leads the pack with 12 nominations - including five nods for 'Video of the Year', four for 'Best Collaboration' and a 'Best Male Hip-Hop Artist' nomination. Honestly, I wasn’t aware that Drake still made music that people actually listened to (yes, I totally went there). But if you scrutinise the nominations list, you'll see that he is mostly nominated for work that

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  • It was the perfect crime.

    The scene: thousands of Justin Bieber fans eagerly pestering their parents or unlucky guardians to chaperone the annoying Little Beliebers and buy them all sorts of Justin memorabilia. Then the flip side: thousands of parents and unlucky guardians queuing up at the bar hoping to drown out Bieber with a drink (but of course, nothing can really drown out the screams of hormonal teens).

    The takings at the bar, food stalls and merchandise must have been quite a hefty sum on a weekend when the world’s biggest pop star and one of the world’s oldest rock bands (Bon Jovi, for those of you still guessing) were set to perform.

    This made Soccer City in Johannesburg the perfect scene for the perfect crime.

    Eyewitness News was only too happy to break the story of what they are dubbing #stadiumheist on Monday afternoon. It is reported that the suspects chiselled their way through double thick walls and managed to get into the safe room where all the weekend’s takings were Read More »from Everyone's talking about... The Justin Bieber Stadium Heist
  • That’s a wrap for SAMA19

    Now that we've recovered from our SAMA19 hangover, we can finally wish the star-studded event goodbye...until next year...

    Sun City has had quite an eventful May; first they hosted the controversial Gupta wedding (we won’t even go there), then the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards, where celebs dressed very badly for SA music’s biggest night.

    The festivities kicked off on Friday with some of our favourite artists walking off with awards. South Africa's first black Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa won 'Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album'. Don’t you love that we list R&B and Reggae as one category? Anyway, I digress. Back to the subject at hand. Our girl Lira walked off with the 'Best Live DVD' award while Zahara won 'Best Selling Ring-Back-Tone' for Loliwe.

    But the “real” show went down on Saturday night when all the celebs flocked to see who would walk away with the major awards. This year the SAMAs belonged to Khuli Chana and Toya Delazy. Toya walked away with 'Best Newcomer' and 'Best Pop

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